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By: Red Prince Games on May 17, 2017

This is the FTC (Fleet Tactical Command) Press page. It contains information and details you may need to post articles or to learn more about FTC. If you require any additional information posted here or require information in other formats, contact us and we will be happy to provide it. 

Developer: Red Prince Games; Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Release Date: October 24th, 2018 (Steam)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $20 USD
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English
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Social: Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Youtube 
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FTC is a Roguelike inspired Space Management Tactical Role Playing Game (SMTRPG) with procedural generated content, space fleet management and character customisation. You play as an officer who rapidly rises to the position of fleet commander after a disaster befalls the homeworld. With hastily assembled fleet and a rag-tag band of civilians, ex-military, pirates and robots, you set out to uncover the mystery of the homeworld's destruction. Commanding frigates, destroyers and cruisers, you need to fight, sneak and explore your way through the Cygnus sector facing menacing rogue AIs, hostile spacelife, aliens and space pirates of various affiliations. 

If you love games with endless replayability, unique item builds, tactical management, engaging story and frenetic space combat... then FTC is the game you have been waiting for!

  • Space Opera Aesthetic: Inspired by classics such as Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire, Stellaris and Endless Space, FTC draws you into a cosmos of bright nebulae and pulsating stars twinkling in the vast distances of space.
  • Intense space combat: Missiles streaking across the blackness of space, the staccato of autocannons hammering into energy shields and energy fire painting across ship hulls in neon colours, every space battle is an intense explosion of sound and colour.
  • Hauntingly beautiful music: Hand crafted musical compositions to offset the soundless vacuum of space.
  • Engaging story: Deep stories that both help and hinder you in your quest; comedy, tragedy, violence and the mundane, all the ingredients of a exciting space adventure.
Focused on engagement
  • Permanent death: The Cygnus sector is a dangerous place and destruction is always lurking around the corner. Losing your fleet means losing your life.
  • Fleet command: Manage and maintain a fleet of ships. Organise crew, hire officers, oversee logistics and direct ships in combat.
  • Random generation: Each playthrough is unique. Stellar systems are procedurally generated with asteroid belts, debris fields and a variety of space anomalies the you can uncover and experience.
  • Customisation: Ship items, officers and crew are procedurally generated to provide unique upgrades and builds for every playthrough. Focus on a certain set of skills or become a generalist. The galaxy is your oyster.
  • Factions: Choose your faction, pledge your allegiance. Each faction has their own playstyle, but their skill trees are linked. Mix faction traits? It's your choice.
  • Circular story: So you finished the game? It doesn't end there. With multiple difficulty levels the game never ends. Death is your only release.

Red Prince Games is an independent game developer started in 2017 by a group of like minded gamers with diverse work backgrounds. Our team first got together out of a mutual interest in roguelikes and space games, and an obsession with FTL by Subset games. After noticing a niche in the market and the lack of space roguelike/roleplaying games in the market, we decided to make the game we always dreamed of ourselves. Our personal goal is to make the greatest game ever and we think we have what it takes to make that happen. Our team is comprised of talented individuals with a passion for gaming and extensive experience required to bring a project like this to completion. FTC is the first project of Red Prince Games, which means we are dedicated to proving ourselves capable of delivering a game with such a large scope and scale.

For Fleet Tactical Command, our primary goal is to make a deep and engaging gameplay experience that draws the player in and keeps them entranced and entrenched in our universe. We want to give the player the exhilaration of close frenetic space fleet combat and the frustration of succumbing to minor missteps against a devilishly sly AI. We want to create a new genre of space games that draws on the best elements of roguelikes, RPGs and story driven games. Science fiction is making a comeback in both Hollywood and the gaming industry, and we want to be on the forefront of the next generation of visual storytelling. We are extremely excited about this title and want to make a game that players will fall in love with. We hope you love our game as much as we enjoy making it!

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With over 30 tracks in the final game, music plays a critical role in the ambiance and atmosphere of FTC. Here are a few samples:

The FTC OST, composed by Brad will be available for purchase with the release of the game.

(Album art)

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