Project Manager & Lead Designer

Richard has a background in mining, education and military, though he has always dreamed of working in the games industry. With degrees in business, communications, creative writing and intelligence, he brings management, leadership and design expertise to the FTC project. 

Also an avid gamer, Richard enjoys RPGs, Simulations, Strategy, 4X and Roguelikes. In his spare time he writes speculative fiction and does martial arts.

Lead Programmer & Designer

Jordan has been developing video games for 7 years. He is currently studying a degree in networking, but has decided to pursue game development full time. Jordan brings extensive programming experience as well as a keen eye for design to the FTC project.

Among playing video games, Jordan enjoys cinema, anime and literature. He spends a great deal of time outdoors and if he isn't indoors gaming, he is out climbing the nearest crag.


Bradley has always been passionate about video games and electronic music and has wanted to contribute to both fields. He began his music career producing dance music and DJing in nightclubs, but always wanted to write music from the heart. 

Video games have played an important role in his life, he sees them as the ultimate form of art, and his dream has always been to make video game soundtracks by day and tour the world making and playing electronic music by night. Having studied at SAE Institute in Adelaide, South Australia and gaining a degree in music production, he brings the ability to score and arrange beautiful, fun, exhilarating, tense and or epic music to Fleet Tactical Command.

Bradley enjoys Nintendo games and loves getting lost in roleplaying games. He also thinks he's pretty good at Tetris.


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